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Questions about using this website

How can I update my profile or search options?

Click on My Profile on the top left hand side of every page to be able to edit your profile or to modify your search settings. This last option allows the possibility to search shared content on other sites.

Click on the 'Finished' button after editing your profile or your settings.

Is there a way I can search the site for all items on a particular topic?

In the upper right-hand corner of every page, there is a Search box where you may type in a search term to view items across the site that contain that term.

On 'My Profile', there is a search option can be allows you to search shared content on other sites. It can be accessed via'My Profile', on the top left hand corner of every pageand when clicking on 'Search'.

Why can't I view the Roster or Listservs page?

You must be a registered member of in order to access these pages. Registration is easy and free, and can be quickly completed here.

Can I find a lawyer here to help me for free?

Unfortunately this site does not help individuals or entities locate pro bono assistance. We recommend you start by contacting your local bar association.

Can I sign up to give pro bono services through the IBA?

Currently the IBA does not have an open scheme to help individual lawyers or firms locate pro bono opportunities. However, if you go to our links page, there are a wide variety of entities engaged in providing pro bono and access to justice services who may have opportunities for you to assist.

Do I have to register to to make comments on the blog hosted there?

You do not need to register to the site in order to post comments to the blog. We welcome your feedback on articles posted there.

How can I contribute to the listserv discussions?

Please note: you will need to register to the site (at no cost) in order to participate in the listserv discussions.

To post a message to the listserv, write to Type the email address in the "To" field on your email and the message will be sent to the entire group. Your email will then go to the IBA list administrator who will approve the posting as suitable for the group. Please be aware that the subscribers to the list number over two hundred recipients, and thus we ask that you only send messages suitable for a very large group of pro bono practitioners.

Use the listserv to alert your fellow website members to new developments, activities, projects in the field of pro bono. Post general discussion questions that members of the group may respond to. Exchange information. Network. Please note that request for pro bono assistance will not be approved for distribution. Use of the listserv for advertising purposes is prohibited and could result in your immediate deletion from the listserv. If you have any questions about whether your announcement is an appropriate item for the listserv, please contact

What is RSS?

It is a news feed that contains frequently updated content on the page that it is placed. When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programmes.

It can be found on the top right hand corner of the 'News', 'Events', 'Links' and on our 'Focus on Best Practices' pages. A small RSS feed can also be seen on the 'home' page, showing some of the latest news that have been added to the 'News' section.

What if I can't find the answer to my question here or anywhere else?

If you have any particular questions regarding the use of, or want to report a broken link, please e-mail us at

We will endeavour to answer your query as soon as we can.

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