Pro Bono Law Alberta

Jurisdiction: Alberta, Canada

Areas of Law: PBLA aim to engage lawyers in Pro Bono legal services. PBLA is not a legal clinic and as such they do not provide legal advice.

Populations Served: All
Date Established: March 2007

Telephone Number: 403 5414840
Contact: Gillian Marriott QC


Email Address:
401, 255-17 Ave.

SW CalgaryAB

T2S 2T8 Canada

• Major areas of law (e.g. human rights, criminal, housing, immigration, debt…) on which the clearing house focuses its services? …
Engaging lawyers in Pro Bono legal services.

• Do you limit your advice to any particular categories of clients (e.g. individuals, NGOs…)? If the answer is yes, please provide brief details: PBLA is not a pro bono clinic and does not provide legal advice.