Alliance Des Avocats Pour Les Droits De L'Homme (Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights)

Jurisdiction: France and International
Areas of Law: Human and children rights in their broadest and modern sense including environmental, cultural, political rights
Populations Served: Only to NGOs, organisations and international or national institutions safeguarding human and children rights
Date Established: 6 May 2009
Telephone Number: +33 06 24 37 45 39
Contact: Mrs N Tenneson
Email Address: info@aadh
7 rue d'assas
75006 Paris

International Senior Lawyers Project Europe (ISLP-Europe)

Jurisdiction: Clients are in developing countries; volunteers are worldwide
Areas of Law: Human rights, access to justice, law reform, anti-corruption, health, environment, economic development and promotion of adherence to the rule of law in general
Populations Served: NGOs and developing country governments; no individuals
Date Established: August 2008
Telephone Number: +33 1 53 64 81 72
Contact: Jean Berman
Email Address:
25 Avenue Marceau
75016 Paris