Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The legal profession has an obligation and a special commitment towards the development of law and the administration of justice. This provides many legal professionals with a fundamental motivation to engage in pro bono work.

The need for legal pro bono work is overwhelming. An increasing number of organisations and individuals around the world are now taking an active role to meet this need.

In line with this growing interest, the IBA has developed this versatile and unique resource, which is a natural extension to its efforts to support the Rule of Law and the global legal profession.

The site serves as an online virtual community, helping to increase and encourage information sharing amongst the growing number of legal professionals at all levels who are engaged in innovative pro bono initiatives, regardless of the scope of their projects.

All of the resources available on the site are intended to maintain and expand the flow of communication among practitioners, which is essential to ensure access to justice for those who need it.


This project is designed to meet the following aims:

  • To promote legal pro bono work as an integral part of the legal profession.
  • To promote the development of a strong international legal pro bono network.

  • To provide recognition to those participating in innovative international pro bono work.

  • To encourage leadership and support of legal professionals contributing to pro bono activity and work.

  • To create a virtual community which brings together pro bono practitioners at all levels around the world, as well as those who are interested in getting involved.

  • To provide a forum for ongoing dialogue, which provides a method to share experiences and best practices in pro bono work.

  • To encourage users to interact with each other and with the IBA by providing event information and resources that are of mutual interest, as well as giving feedback about ways to make the site even more useful.

  • To create an online repository of relevant resources drawn from IBA conferences and publications, as well as materials developed by other organisations participating in legal pro bono work.

  • To inform the site users of events or information that may be of interest.

  • To raise awareness of and support for other IBA pro bono initiatives.