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A regular feature highlighting a roundup of topical pro bono content. In view of the recent World Environment and World Ocean Days, IBA Law Student Committee member Emily Wright reflects on how pro bono initiatives have helped tackle global environmental issues.

Recent international attention has focused on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Paris Agreement as have recent IBA initiatives, including the 2012 IBA Task Force on Climate Change Justice and Human Rights, which addressed concerns about climate change and its impact on rights. As highlighted in the Acknowledgments of the Final Task Force Report, the project benefited from many pro bono contributions from lawyers dedicating their professional time and expertise.


Delving retrospectively, in 2007, at the Annual IBA Conference in Singapore, a session on hot topics in pro bono focused on the environment in Asia, noting the “work of international pro bono is adapting models to fit local realities.” Also in 2007, a press release recognized that law firms were stepping forward to provide services to support the financing of energy efficient technology.


The 2012 Annual Conference in Dublin also featured a session on pro bono initiatives linked to the environment, particularly related to illegal logging and efforts by pro bono lawyers that included preparing submissions to the European Union (EU) and drafting proposed legislation to introduce EU regulations that ban the import of illegal timber to member states.


Latest Articles:

Refugee crisis accounts for huge spike in pro bono legal activity

The emergence of a highly active pro bono sector is among the most notable – and edifying – developments in legal practice over the last two decades. Increasing numbers of commercial lawyers, it appears, are seeking ways to apply their skills to the provision of life-changing support for those most in need. Within the last year, the international refugee crisis has provided significant additional impetus for pro bono work.

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IBA Pro Bono Committee Chair featured in Who's Who Legal's Article, 'Pro Bono - The Inside Story'.

On 2 December 2013, New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman announced that out-of-state lawyers employed as in-house counsel in New York would be able to provide pro bono legal services. This follows similar moves in Illinois, Virginia and Colorado. According to Lippman, only 20 per cent of the civil legal needs of New York's low-income residents were met in 2012 and the state hopes this development will help fill the gap.

Corporate pro bono is on the rise throughout the world and the timing could not be better - the difficult economic climate and legal aid cuts have led to a dramatically increased demand for free legal services from underprivileged sections of society. Recent developments throughout the world have helped to break down some of the barriers formerly hindering in-house counsel's involvement and have unleashed a section of the legal profession which was previously dormant. In this special feature, Who's Who Legal delves into the corporate world to find out the inside story of pro bono.

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